Due to most of the managers in nutrition and health care industry production came from pharmaceutical enterprise, therefore, nutrition and health care products companies largely follow the production technology and equipment industry of pharmaceutical enterprise. The production process is intermittent batch production, not suitable for mass production. 
However, with the improvement of people's living standards and health awareness, rapid growth in demand for nutritional health products, it has been unable to meet the requirements of rapid development of enterprises with the original production process, besides there are wide varieties in health care foods, frequent replacement of the same production line, low production efficiency. 
The company's unique pneumatic pulse mixer technology, positive pressure dense phase conveying technology, negative pressure dense phase conveying technology and CIP online automatic cleaning technology are the key equipments of enterprise reform with the reform and innovation consciousness. The solid preparation of mixing and conveying cooperative project is the typical case between our company and BY-HEALTH, mixing and conveying technology and CIP automatic cleaning system used in this project, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency.
In the era of big data, continuous update of production process in target industry, automatic, continuous, intelligent products have become a trend. The company's products and technology will have a broad market space.

OME/YUANDA in one organization, have all the key core technologies:

-  Wet process

-  Evaporation

-  Spray Drying           

-  Powder handling                                                                       

-  Powder packaging